1. Recorded Voice – Review

After listening to my recorded voice, I found that when I was speaking without text, I mumbled a lot and slurred my words together because I was talking so fast. Normally for me, I speak too when I have a script and not in a normal day-to-day circumstance, and I think the reason i was talking so fast this time was mainly due to me not wanting to listen to my recorded voice and just get it over with. I also have quite a naturally low voice when speaking this way.
However when I was reading, I found myself taking slightly slower, higher, and clearer. But I know that if I were to learn the word I was reading by heart, I would fall back into my regular speaking pattern. 
So what I need to work on is;

– Speaking slower

– Speaking clearer (pronunciation)

– Speaking clearer (not mumbling)

– Changing the tone of my voice

– Keeping all these things once I’ve learnt lines.